Overview of Subrows & Nested Items

Sub-rows in InstaSheets allows merchants to send nested data to a Google Sheet and keep the data organized and up to date.

What's a "Sub-Row"?

Sub-rows represent data that is a list of data points attached to an object in Shopify. For example, a Shopify order has top-level data such as the total value of the order and the time of the order. Line items in Shopify is a list of all the products in an order. Sub-rows on an order are commonly used for line items, one sub-row per line item. 

Another example of rows and sub-rows is products. A product would be the top-level row, and variants would be represented as sub-rows. These are just a couple of the many ways which sub-rows can be used in InstaSheets  

Using Rows and Sub-rows in InstaSheets, you can format your Google Sheet with a single row for the top-level data, and sub-rows representing line items or other lists of information.  

Realtime Sync with Sub-Rows

When using Instasheets set to Update or Delete during Realtime Sync operations, the app will automatically add new sub-rows or remove sub-rows to ensure your data is consistently up-to-date.