Test Center

InstaSheet's inline Testing Center can help you preview your Sheet and debug any unexpected formatting issues. To access the testing tool, click on the Select a product to test with section.

Once an item is selected to test with, InstaSheets will show the Data Inspector with all the known data points for that item. You can search for specific data points if you wish. 

Inline Real-time Preview

Once you've selected an item to test with, you can iterate on your settings directly in the workflow and the workflow will use your selected item for the preview. Heading back to the workflow Action, you can preview the data that will be inserted in each cell below the field.

Refreshing Data

If you make changes to the item in Shopify, click the Refresh Data button to see the latest version of the item in the Test Center. Refreshing the data manually is not necessary when using the inline preview option described above.

Clicking on the Google Sheets action at the bottom of the Test Center reveals the data for that item, formatted as it would be sent to Google Sheets. 

Viewing & Triggering the Action

Here, you can trigger the test item to be sent to your sheet, or loop back to the source and keep editing, in which case, you'll be returned to the Test Center when you save the Action again.