"First Row" Tokens

InstaSheets includes a series of tokens that we refer to as "first row" tokens. These special tokens allow you to combine rows in the same way that you're used to in Shopify's standard exports. The end result is a more streamlined export.

For example, Shopify's exports combine basic information about an order and the first item in the order into one row. Another example occurs with products, where Shopify combines the product-level data with the first variant in an export. 

To achieve this effect in InstaSheets, use the "first row" tokens. In the screenshot below, we've used the "first line item" version of the line item quantity token in the Order row, allowing us to combine the order data and the first line item in the order into one row in our spreadsheet.

The second row of our example is used to represent all the other line items in the order. Here, we'd simply use the regular line item token for quantity, since the rest of the row deals with line items by default. 

Note that the line items in the second row will automatically omit the first line item if a first-row token is used since it assumes the line item would be represented in the row above it. This is done to eliminate duplication of line items between the order and line items rows.