Dynamic Tabs

Dynamic Tabs are tab names that change based on the individual item you are exporting. For example, you could export all your products to different tabs in your Google Sheet based on the product type or vendor, or export orders to tabs based on their financial status.

First, you must open or add a Google Sheets action and edit it. Ensure that you have a verified Google Sheet URL in the "Google Sheets URL" field.

1. Under "Which Sheet (Tab)?" select "Dynamic Tab Name..."


2. In the "Dynamic Tab Name" field open the Token Browser by clicking on the {t} button.


3. With the Token Browser open search for a token, such as "Product Type" and select the token.

4. Your Dynamic Tab Name field should now contain the selected token, such as:


Now that you have your Dynamic Tabs set up you can run an export or enable realtime sync. Products that are added to the sheet will be placed into a tab with the matching product type name. See the example Google Sheet below: